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Tabarrah, contradicts with the fundamental of Islam ?


Asalamwalikum! I have a question that has been bothering me alot so it goes as that in shaiasm we believe in tabbarh (giving lanat to the one who hurt ahle bayth) but I dont understand how can this be okay?! Firstly it contradicts with the fundamental of Islam that we can speak ill about anyone let alone we cant give lanat to them…will not disagree with the fact what they did with ahle bayth is bad but Allah (swt) is there to provide justice and also to punish them…..which also reminds me when bibi Fatima (as) went to claim her lands of Fidaq and when he torn the papers down even then bibi said that She will talk about this matter on the day of judgement where he will have to Answer Allah…so coming back to the question am I right or am I wrong if I decide that I dont want to follow tabrrah and i dont believe in giving lanath which also includes the Tasbeeh we read during amaals of 10th muhraam or 19th ramdhan etc


Wa alaikum al-salam
in religion’s fundaments we have osul al-din (principles of religion) for theoretical beliefs which are tawhid, nubuwat, resurraction, Allah’s justice and imamat(for more info: and furu al-din (ancillaries of the religion) which our sunni brothers call them pillars of islam that are 5 for them (shahada, Prayer, Fasting, Hajj, Zakat) but according to Imami Shiism, furu’ al-din consist in: Prayer, Fasting, Hajj, Zakat, Khums, Jihad, Enjoining the good, Forbidding the evil, Tawalli, Tabarri. (for more info: as you can see tabarri (to dissociate oneself from the enemies of Allah and the enemies of religion’s authorities) is one of fundamental acts in imami shia believe just like tawalli (love and associate masumeen a.s).
so it is obvious that tabarri or tabarrah is an important act that a Shia believer must do (if possible), even Allah s.w.t did la’nat to some people like non-belivers or hyocryts in Quran(according to some interpretations the cursed tree that Allah s.w.t mention’s in 17:60 are those that we do la’nat in ziarat al- aashura) ; few examples in Quran: 2:167,159; 4:93; 5:12,13, 60,64; 11:18; 24:23 etc. also there are lots of ahadith from our imams on this topic like: Our Shia are a part of us, they were created from what remained of our clay, what hurts us hurts them, and what makes us happy makes them happy.” — Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (ع) Amali al-Tusi.
it is the tradition of our imams as well.
also loving someone without hating his/her enemies is meaningless.
we must pay attention that there are differences between la;anat and sa’ab in definition and in action; first (la’nat) is wajib in belief and mustahab in action but second (sa’ab) is forbiden totally like what we see in 6:108).
of course, there are conditions for doing tabarri publicly.

Sheikh M. Mosseibi