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Swearing on Quran


Salam I think I committed a sin (which can never be forgiven)by dragging Quran in between just to prove my good intentions to my mother.
Basically my friend needed my help with shifting in her new home. She’s a divorcee and her father refuses to keep her in his house just because “what will people say” and now she’s earning all by herself and starting from scratch by shifting in her new home . And my mother doesn’t like her just because she’s divorcee it’s weird I know. On the same day I had my interview so I lied to my mother that after my interview I’ll be hanging out with my University friends including male friends too for iftar and shopping and she was cool with it . But after my interview I went straight to her and helped her. Unfortunately I got late while coming back home and I apologized for coming home late and she was fine with it unless she saw spare clothes in my bag which I had taken to her place so my other clothes don’t get dirty, when I came back in my room she was upset and pissed way too much and she start saying that I lied to her and went somewhere else and Yes she was right I did but for the good cause and afterwards she thought about the worst possible scenarios hope u understood what are the worst possible scenarios for a girl. I tried telling her the truth but I was too scared because she was way too mad and doesn’t like my friend either so I grab Quran from another room and swear on it “WHATEVER YOU ARE THINKING MOTHER IT’S NOTHING LIKE IT” but since then I’m drowning in my guilt that I didn’t told her the truth yet but I was telling the truth too about my intentions so does it relates to the terms “JHOOTI QURAN KI QASAM” because I’ve lied in this situation. Since this happened it’s like I can’t breath and what if it’s right that I swear it wrongly I’m scared way too much because Allah S.W.A.T will never forgive me for this .
Please reply me asap


Wa alaykum salam

Dont consider yourself a sinner as your intentions were good and your wordings were not wrong .
Always remember that Allah is very merciful and forgiving.

Sukaina Taqawi