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Surma for babies


My mother in law forces me to apply surma to my 10 months old baby. She also forces other to add surma to newborn baby’s eyes just because it is sunnah. My Question is that if the baby is reluctant to it and dont want anyone to swab her delicate eyeball with a rod or surma, she cried alot and grandma forcefully hold her in spite of her crying to add surma just because of sunnah. Did Nabi Kareem SAW did this to their newborns or 1 year old babies? Plz enlight with Islam so that I could give her Islam evidence to not to add surma to my baby’s eyes. JizakAllah


Waalykum salam sister 

Thank you for your Question.
Surma or Kohl is highly recommended in applying in islam. Even to very young children. Kohl brightens ones sight and brings a lot of Noor to the eyes.
Generally Surma shouldn’t burn or bring discomfort if it’s original and natural. Unless the child has an allergy towards it, which shows up as an eye infection.
It’s a different case that the process is quiet unpleasant for the child. In that case maybe you as a mother can apply the surma for the child, for the benefit that it holds for its eyes.  But if you do not wish to do so either to completely eliminate the discomfort of the process, you can simply leave it out as it’s Mustahab to apply it and not Wajib.
For this, your husband will be the best person to convey to his beloved mother and explain the discomfort of the process.
May Allah brighten your child’s sight and insight InshaAllah.
Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery