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Burned Marks



When I was young, a life changing incident happened to me. It was on an evening, actually near magrib prayer time when I was trying get ready for magrib prayer. (This was in Africa at the time this incident happened). I was done playing and wanted to go take a shower, get ready to pray magrib and prepare for a trip the next morning. (We used to use containers to use the bathroom, wadhu and take shower with). So I grabbed a container and went to get water. As I was getting water an elderly man came to me, which was my Aunty’s husband and asked for the container I was I about to use. He was also trying to get ready for magrib prayer. I replied in a rude manner by yelling “NO!”. My mom seeing this yelled at me and told me to hand over the container to your uncle, then I did so. When I woke up the next morning something strange happened. MY MOUTH TURNED SIDE WAYS. My mother and others where shoked at what happened. So imidetly they recited Quran on me. And they got my uncle who I refused to give the container to to recite the Quran on me, and he did so. So me and the my family members prepare for the trip we planned to go on and left. After couple of days we came back. My mom and uncle’s tried to find ways to cure my ‘side turned mouth’. They tried and tried, but the only solution they came up with was to burn me four times on the sides of my mouth. Two on the top of my mouth and two at the bottom of my mouth. It was basically a form of coltarsasion. All praise is to ALLAH that my mouth turned back to normal. After a couple of days that I was burned a new cure was found where one would be shot 5 times in he/her back: near the neck. I was a good looking boy until this incident happened to me. Also my Uncle that I refused to give the container to, his mouth turned side ways too.

So I wanted to know, this incident that happened to me is it because of me refusing to give the container to my uncle and yelling NO! at him or some kind of evil eye? Is it allowed to use cream gel, get a Lazer treatment or even a surgery to remove this burned marks on my face, since I was not born with it? Why did my uncle’s mouth turn side ways too, do you think is because others cursed him? And will I not be amongst the 70,000 people that will go to jannah without judgment, since I was coltarsed? At the end of the day I know this is the dacreey of ALLAH. And all praise is to ALLAH that my mouth came back to normal and that this incident did not get worse. The think I worry about having these four burn marks on my face is that it prevents me from interacting with others, being made fun of, which some had already done, and I fear I might not get married because of it. Please ask ALLAH that he removes these four burned marks on my face. Also on my head and left thigh. (I also got burned on my head and left thigh at a young age).


Waalaykum Salam.

You can certainly go for surgeries to heal of your scars.

I don’t think I can give you a possible explanation on the incident. Allah protect us all inshaAllah.Also, everyone is going to be resurrected and accounted for his doing in this material Dunya. The fact that you went through some hardship does not confirm your unanswerable entry to Jannah!

Allah give you the best in this Dunya and the next inshaAllah