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Rejection of Duas


I asked Allah for few duas during Shab e Qadr this ramadan. All of them were rejected despite the fact that Allah never rejects anything asked for during Lailatul Qadr.

What could be the reason behind this as this is having a bad impact on my imaan.


Bismillah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem
Assalam Alaikum

Allah has promised to answer all supplications, even outside of laylatul
Qadr. However, there are many reasons why we might not see the result of
our supplications:-

– Many a times, we don’t really ask Allah in the first
place. We claim to do so, yet in our minds we put our hopes on other
things, causes and means. This is not a sincere supplication and therefore
we will obviously not receive what we want.

– What we have asked for might not be good for us, even if we don’t
understand it. Allah is All-Knowing and Wise. Allah will give us better
than what we asked for in this world or the next.

– What we asked for is delayed, for reasons Allah knows best. This could be a test for us to see
if we still obey Allah, since your obedience to Him should not be
conditioned to Him giving us what we want. At the end of the day, He is
the Lord, we are the servants!

– Many a times, our sins are a barrier to our supplications being fulfilled. We must at all cost make efforts to at
least perform all obligatory acts and avoid all haram actions.

In short, Allah has promised in the Quran that He answers those who call
Him. If we trust Allah to answer our supplications, then at the least we
should also trust that if He doesn’t answer them, there must be a good
reason for that, which is also to our own benefit.

We must always remember Allah knows everything, whilst we only know things in a very limited and
restricted way. Let’s trust His Promise and Wisdom. The mere act of
supplications has enormous blessings, and therefore we still benefit from
it, even though our wish was not fulfilled the way we wanted it.

May Allah give you tawfeeq


Yassir R.

Al ‘hamdu lillah alhaadi