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superstitions on Unfortunate Event


Assalam u Alaikum. Something really unfortunate happened in my house and I’m worried about it. My father passed away in a road accident 7 months back. We had an old picture of him in our house which was hung in his room. The frame was there in this house from almost the past 5 years and even before that he always had that picture frame in his room always. Means the frame was there since almost more than 18-20 years. Yesterday morning, while we were asleep I wokeup by the sound of the frame falling and shattering into pieces. There was no one around the frame, no wind or rain and the frame literally fell out of nowhere. Since that I’m having weird thoughts in my mind so can you please clarify if this can have any significance or any superstitions involved?

Alaykum Salaam
The teaching of the Prophet (S) discourages attributing meanings to such events.
The best actions you can do for your father is to recite Qur’an and give charty on his behalf and from time to time, dedicate the thawab of good acts to Him.
May Allah grant him Jannat.
Kind regards
Abbas Jaffer