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rulings for sunnat fasts


Salaam. Is it allowed to fast a ‘sunnat’ fast while travelling?


No. It is not allowed.

For further details, you would like to refer the following 2 rulings from Ayatullah Sistani:

1726. If a person makes a vow to observe a Mustahab fast and does not specify any day for it, he cannot keep the fast while traveling. However, if he makes a vow that he will observe fast on a particular day during a journey, he should observe that fast during the journey. Also, if he makes a vow that he will observe a fast on a particular day, whether he is journeying on that day or not, he should observe the fasts on that day even if he travels.

1727. A traveler can observe Mustahab fasts in Madinah for three days with the Niyyat of praying for the fulfillment of his wish, and as a precaution, those three days be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Kumail Rajani