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suffering from Black Magic


I am sufferring from black magic which is done by own brother and we live in the same house.I have treated many times from differrent scholars but it is not cured.I also went to pshychitrists and took medicine for 2 years;but it was not helpful.But one thing I want to mention that I went to a hindu scholar and she forcefully did the hindu rituals and I also did that.But it was not helpful.Why Allah not granting me cureness.I am helpless please help me.I am sufferring from last 11 years.I am sufferring from stomach pain inside.Mind has blocked,fear feelings inside and when I see my brother heartbeat is more frequently and feel luje something inside my body.Please help me


Waalykum salam

I’m sorry to hear about your problems. May Allah ease this for you.

I’m not sure how you know that the black magic on you has been casted and that too by your Own brother. Or if it really is there!?
At times our thoughts and thinking can drive us towards dead ends and make everything look pale and Blue. So you may want to sit by yourself and or get some extra help into understanding the situation. It may help you over come the entire situation. (Anxiety can be solved this way)

Besides the above, I have a few suggestions for you:
1- give Charity.
2– Write the last two ayahs of surah al-Qalam and place it somewhere where you can often read it. Recite this 7 times. Recite Ayat al-Kursi too.
3- keep yourself busy. A busy mind is a good mind and a stagnant mind can be Satans web.
4– strengthen your faith and believe that Allah alone can solve your problems. Seeing people from different faith and having that hope that they can solve your issues just makes your mental state worst.

Naajiya Jaffery