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Step father is violant towards son


My husband of 8 years hates my son who is turning 11 tomorrow he is so aggressive, violent, abusive and threatens him, he says he doesn’t know why he does that he doesn’t have much reason, he says it’s cause my son doesn’t smile or conversate with him but how can he when he is so violent towards him what can I do I have done everything praying dua tahajud even now giving zakat and 2 goats in name of allah I now have a daughter with him but he has never been so aggressive towards my son till now why what can I do my poor son says nothing he is isolated and when I fight with my husband I am not strong anough to push him away and then he apologizes and says it’s cause of work he uses such abnoxious language towards him his also yelling it out in front of our new born, how do I help him he cannot be helped he even says it. I cannot be without my son my children are my priority but I also love my husband but I can’t see my boy go through this is there any advice any dua anything please in the name of allah help me



Thank you for your question. Dealing with anger is a process that requires counselling over a period of time. The current situation is something that if it continues it will have very negative affects on your children and so it is important that you discuss the issue with your husband and convince him of the benefits of seeking help from qualified professionals. This issue must be solved with positive action as well as supplication and usually cannot be solved with dua alone.

May you always be successful.

Zoheir Ali.