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Assalamun aleykum wa rahmatullah wa baraktuh, I apologize in advance for my complicated situation, and you are of course welcome to question me further.

Some years ago I stole some things in a period from a store that I worked in, I got caught by the security one day, and after that the chief of the store, with a security guard, wanted to consult me about it, and asked me how much I have stolen, and I lied about the number of things I stole, so the fine wouldn’t be as big as compared to if I were honest and told them about how much I have really taken which was a bigger amount. They told me if I were honest, then they would not tell something to the police, but they believed in my lie, and I payed the fine they gave me, but I knew in myself I still needed to pay some money, although I did not care at that time. Then a guy that I worked with contacted me a week later, and said that they also wanted to consult him, and they gave him a even bigger fine than mine according to him. So I thought to myself maybe they have just given him the rest of my fine to him? But it sounded like too much for me, as his amount was large as he said to me. The amount of money they gave him as a fine was a lot. He said that our chief and security guard at that time threatened him to pay or else they would call the police, but I did not see it as a rational choice to accept the fine if he did not do it I would rather contact the police, but he thought that I would pay the fine for him because he did not bring more trouble to us. Then he said it was all my fault, and I had to pay his fine too because I was the one that stole most. I did not want to pay because:

1. he and his friend (his friend did not get fined) contributed to the stealing that I made, and even stole things from the store himself, and I remember giving money to one or both of them.

2. he never gave me a proof on the fine he got, even though I asked him about it some times

3. I couldn’t consult him rationally without him getting violent. I have asked to contribute with an amount to his fine, but he threatened me several times and said I have to pay the full amount that he says he have goten from them

I can’t contact him now, as I know he will become violent and might do very big harm to me
I really don’t know who has the haqq? I’m sure that I need to pay some money as I lied to my chief, but I’m confused if the money belongs to him or the store? Was the fine he got really mine or no? I don’t know how much I have to pay, but my plan right now is to give a secure amount of money in khums, is that correct in this situation?

Fee Aman Allah



Wa alaykum salaam
You must pay the store back the full amount that you have stolen. If you do that then you will have no obligation to your friend and if any of your amount was included in his, that is between him and the store.
May you always be successful
Zohair Ali.