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In The Name Of Allah(SWT) The Most Kind The Most Merciful

Assalamu Alaykum

My question is that i have read that a person should stand up while his father is standing.Does this rule apply to the mother as well and is it obligatory or recommended.

Also if my father or mother pass through the living room several times must i stand up all the time and if i know that they were ok with me not standing up when they are standing do i still have to stand up.

Furthermore if my parents just come and stand but do not want to sit must i be standing for them.

During talking to someone or when someone is talking to you is it according to islam a must that you look at them even when they are not looking at you.

If i do not say salaam to someone does this mean i have violated or usurped someones right and do i have to ask them for forgiveness.



Alaikum Salaam

1) Standing up for your father is a great sign of respect and a mustahab act. The purpose behind it is to show respect, and therefore, if your father passes through the room several times, you can for ex ample make a gesture of getting up as a sign of respect, and you shouldn’t make it so hard upon yourself by standing up all the time. In the case where they don’t want to sit, you can ask them their permission to sit.

2) it is usually considered polite to look at someone whilst talking to them (if they are of the same gender or are mahram to you) but again, the criteria is respect, and therefore as long as you are not showing disrespect and are being polite, you have acted upon what is correct.

3) Replying to someone who says salaam is wajib and not doing so is a sin. However, starting to say salaam is mustahab or very recommended. However, there is no need to ask their forgiveness if you do not say salaam to someone.

I pray Allah (swt) assists you in your efforts to improve your akhlaq, without it being hard or heavy on you.

Miqdad R.