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Najasat and Taharat Question


I am approximately 64 year old man, I always wash myself with water after doing Hajaat(shit). But lately, I see brown colored spot on my underwear, when I go next time to use the bathroom. I think the spot is from colored water that was left on me after washing myself. After seeing this spot should I consider myself Najis?? can I not do wazu and pray while there is a brown spot on my underwear?

Will appreciate your help, I have been changing underwear and cleaning myself over and over again before I pray.

Please let me know. Thank You


Alaykum Salaam

After thorough washing any other stains can be ignored

Agha Sistani’s Masail is:

67. If the anus is washed with water, one should ensure that no trace of faeces is left on it. However, there is no harm if colour and smell remain. And if it is washed thoroughly in the first instance, leaving no particle of stool, then it is not necessary to wash it again.


Abbas Jaffer