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Spouse selection


Islam says to look into behaviour and islamic Akhlaq when we look for our better half. But I am here because I am actually fed up. All that I have experienced is looks, color that has mattered to people so far. I am here to look for some support basically as I think I am broken down to the core. My Salah my nature doesn’t matter actually and it is painful to see parents go through this.


Assalamu Alaykum
Thank you for writing to us.

I hope I’m able to provide the support you’re looking for.

First of, looks like all those who have come so far Weren’t meant to be. Because, if it’s only looks and color than you too don’t want to marry such people. I’m
Glad this was known before you made any commitments to one another.

InshaAllah the right person will come.
It is recommended to recite Sura al-Yaseen for 40 mornings right after fajr.

InshaAllah all goes well