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splashes from washing Najis?


Asalamualykum wa rahmatululahi wa barakatahu. JazakAllah for your time and reply. I am the single mother who had written to you earlier regarding my waswasa about najasaat causing me great stress that I had suicidal thought and became resentful towards religion. By the Mercy of Allah swt you were able to relieve me of great difficulties by answering my questions. May Allah reward you, i am indebt to you and you and your family will always be in my prayers. I am sorry to bother you again and would be grateful if you can guide me further. I apologize in advance for asking too many questions, I didnt grow up in a religious home and because of a few unfortunate events I am trying to find my way back to Allah. I wanted to ask when i am washing my 3 yrs old toddler on the toilet or myself i keep feeling splashes on myself. I dont know if they are from najis part of body or najasat or from toilet. so i take shower and change clothes each time  I use the toilet or my son does which can be many times a day. Also if mucus coming from nose has blood, is it najis? do i have to wash clothes? sheets if it get on them?  I understand its Waswasa and I end up wadhimg carpet floor late at night cause I feel ghasala water got on it. Never najasat just water from washing things its causing me great difficulties and stress. Sorry for the long question and nature of it. JazakAllah once again.


Waalykum salam

tahnk You for writing back. I’m glad you’re doing better but you need to stop worrying.

trsut me, little effort of not worrying for a few days will help you get over this little waswaas.

anyhow, your bottom line mantra for Taharat (purification) should be: anything that I have doubt on to be Najis or paak is always paak! 
this is very important sister. 

so, when you wash yourself or your child, when you’re not sure where the splashes are actually coming from, then they are all paak. And one does not need to shower if say, a real najasah, like say urine, has splashed on you accidentally. All you need to do is wash that area and you’re done.

as for water after washing something is never Najis, you do not need to wash your carpets either.

please remember the golden rule: anything you doubt to be Najis or paak is always … always… paak.

I insist you don’t pay attention to any such doubtful queries and enjoy your time and opportunity that Allah has blessed you with.

Hope this helps,