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Spiritual illness because of not completing Nade-Ali


I had done a nade Ali amal 16 yrs back and couldn’t complete it. After that it was just down fall and nothing else, now I feel that it is haunting me and Made me spiritually sick. Plz help.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Nade Ali is a solution and cure to your soul. It’s suppose to be soothing you. Since, it was an A’amal, you may want to re do it and gain extra strength from Amir al-Monin (s) InshaAllah.

however, it shouldn’t worry you that it is the cause of your miseries. You must write down all your problems and find a logical reason to them. Then also write down the possible solution in the end and work on them.

to be able to be successful on your mission recite plenty of Nade Ali and InshaAllah you Will see success

InshaAllah all Goes well