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Soul and Heart Connection


AoA,  What’s Islam say about soul + heart connection??


Alaykum Salam

The soul, heart, nafs (self) and the aql (intellect) are one reality only, but have duties/connection with each other from different angles

*Soul – the source of life of man, that has relationship with Allah, that Allah has given to his body. Doesn’t die, doesn’t get old heart – is the same soul that is related to the emotional state and responsible for management of emotions

*Nafs –  is the same soul that is related to the human body, and is in charge of managing the body need eg food digestion, etc

*Aql – is the same soul that is responsible for the carrying out thinking, pondering, etc

So all of these are the same, but from different angles. They are given different names depending on the duty that they have.