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Some People Say they use MOWAKILS to deal with black magic? Is this correct? is this actually in Islam? What is the reality of a Mowakil?


Asalam o alaikum!
My friend claims he can tell/confess that someone does black magic and also explain who is effective from that black magic…and he claims that he can tell that who is involved in performing this black magic activity… he says that this is spirituality (SUFISM) in islam and the MOWAKILS help him for such stuff..Is this correct? is this actually in Islam? What is a Mowakil?



Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your query.

First,  it has to be known what he really means by Muwakkil. Usually the Muwakkil are known to be the Jinns. Some of the people have control over the Jinns and get their work done through them.

If it means to communicate with Jinn, simply communicating with Jinns is not haram as long as it does not harm anyone and is not associated with haram.

If he means something else by Muwakkil, we cannot make a precise decision until it is clearly known. But some, overall say that having a relationship with the Jinn is Haram.

In this world, many are swindlers and deceivers who lie and make money through this work by proclaiming that they can get the work done by the Jinns and the negligent people usually fall into their trap where they have to pay a lot but do not get answer to their problems. Even if it may be true to seek help from the jinn for hidden affairs, it is haram as it is considered as Kihanat.

There are deviations in Sufism if it is not taken from the correct Irfan.

But for removing the effects of magic(Sehr) if there is no other way then it is allowed.

Question: What is the Islamic law about overpowering jinn, spirits and devils?

Concise Answer: Getting help from the spirits, jinns and devils and scientific and practical communication with them are said to be magic in the etymological and jurisprudential technical terms. According to Quranic, jurisprudential and traditional evidence, sorcery or magic is not in the interest of a person in this world and in the hereafter. The Holy Quran considers magic to be tantamount to disbelief (kufr), infidelity, impiety, misguidance, deprivation from the blessings of the afterworld and promotion of sin and misery.

The religious narrations consider magic as disbelief, rejection of the Quran, shirk (polytheism), deprivation from divine blessings, misguidance, needlessness from divine servitude and a cause for entering Hell, with the magician being considered as the accursed.

The jurisprudents have forbidden magic because of both the verses and traditions as well as the physical, psychological, religious and social harms of magic.

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May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider