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Increasing Debts


I am a 27 year old business man, in business for the past 5 years and a father of three sons and expecting another baby soon In Sh Allah,

my father is retired due to his medical conditions, I am the eldest son and have 3 siblings who are still in school. Currently I am the only bread earner in the Family, but my Income is not sufficient enough to sustain our basic needs as I am having quite a number of debts which of others are of my Father’s but I have taken the responsibility to pay them.

my Question is since Childhood, have been seeing my father really struggle hard, but he still ended up with debts,I agree some of his strategies were not correct, but he was forced to do that for the sake of the family and our upbringing I really appreciate him for that. I changed the strategies, opened up my business opting that it would bring a change, but unfortunately no change, i am also ending up in debts, I am worried what if death finds me with all these debts?

Now the big question here is that im tirelessly working hard but no outcome for a prolonged time. the main problem is I be called for a big Contract, which could uplift the standard of our life by clearing our debts, but every time for the past 5 years almost 30 contracts which I was to get have been benched postponed or dropped out completely, what could be the problem here kindly advice as I am worried that if death finds me with all these debts.?

is there any kind of kafara? has some one done any evil satanic thing?


Alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question. From an internet query like this one it is hard to know what the exact causes are for your situation to try to offer any meaningful solution. For that it is better to refer to financial advisers, put your hope on God and continue to work hard and if it is good for you Allah will open your ways.

However, the issue of livelihood in a general sense is one that is dealt with extensively in Islam. Methods of increasing livelihood have been mentioned including night prayers (salat al-layl), leaving the house early to seek livelihood and specific duas. Different people are tested differently in this world but the main issue is that these trials should increase a persons faith. The believer is always in the best situation for him even if that is sometimes hard to understand.

Sometimes your reliance on Allah is the answer to your problems. There is no reliance without patience, no patience without wisdom, and no wisdom without action.

Many times we rely on the action, but the reliance is upon Allah and the action is a condition to the solving of problems.

May Allah clear all of your debts and may He cause you and your family to live a beautiful life in His obedience and love.

‘Abd Allah Esmail