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Smoking for Beginners


Nowadays the youths of our community worldwide, are so much into chain smoking that one hardly finds a non smoker youth anymore. The worst part is that none of them cares to find out if their marja-e-taqlid allows it or not .
My question is, what is the fatwa of our grand Ayatullah sistani (may Allah grant him a long and healthy life) on ”SMOKING fOR BEGINNERS?”


 Question: Medical literature states that smoking is the main cause for heart and cancer diseases, and it also shortens the life span of the smoker. So, what is the rule on smoking concerning

(a) the beginner,

(b) the compulsive smoker, and

(c) the passive smoker? In the third case, the medical experts say that the smoke also harms a person sitting besides a smoker. What would be, the ruling if he considers passive smoking to be of considerable harm?

Answer: Smoking becomes harãm for the beginner if it entails serious harm, even at the future, regardless of whether that serious harm is certain, most probable, or just probable so much so that sensible people would demand caution. However, with the protection from serious harm (for example, by smoking less frequently), there is no problem in it.

If continuing to smoke will cause serious harm to the compulsive smoker —as explained above— it is necessary for him to refrain from it unless the harm in quitting is similar, greater than the harm in continuing, or the great difficulty that he will face in quitting is such that it cannot be normally tolerated. The same rule as explained in (a) for the beginner, applies in this case also.

Kumail Rajani