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Slandering or backbiting a believer /non believer


If someone said about believers or nonbelievers also that they are kafir mushrik or about their iman  or different things that i dont exactly remember will i have to ask forgiveness to them if i dont ask will my forgiveness is not possible by saying these things will make me out of islam of fold or not? i somewhere read that we have to ask sorry to person.that backbite or slander  so plz tell me exactly what i have to do because i dont know how will i tell them these things


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thanks for your question
there is a difference between backbiting and slandering.
backbiting is to say something behind a muslim in a manner that if s/he knows it become sad. so there are two elements in backbiting: 1)in case of his/her awareness hurts the person. 2)the content be true. if the content of backbiting is untrue then it is Slandering.
about your question if the subject of backbiting is an unbeliever then there is no problem because backbiting is an Isalmic rules that applies for muslims (slandering is different though); if the subject is muslim then you must make a mend and ask for their forgiveness; and saying so will not make you out of Islam, just apologize to person (and make a mend in case of slandering) and repent to Allah swt.

Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi