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Share in property


In the year 2003 my father died and left 2 properties for 1 Widow and 4 Kids,
1 Son and 3 Daughters

With my mother and my mutual decisions we sold one land in the era of 2003 amount of 800,000 Rupees Pakistani and Utilized it for all of our daily needs such as school fee marriage of my elder sister my university fee,

After that with my and my mother mutual understanding we sold our apartment in 12,000,00 Rupees Pakistani, and used that money to came UAE to earn money and to feed my 2 Sisters and Mother,

I have done my sisters marriages and alot of things for them, And after all theirs marriages i have done my marriage, theirs husband already taken heavy loans from me, which they are not agree to pay me back and now they want me to give them property shares which i have sold in 2003 for all of our needs with mutual understanding of my mother, even my mother is saying give property share to yours all 3 sister which u sold in 2003,

Now i have 3 babies please advised what i have to do in this situations



Wa alaykum salaam

– The decision of selling the property was solely taken by you and your mother and thats not considered valid in sharia. You had to involve your sisters as well. So according to the sharia their share has to be paid which is as below :

. If total amount of properties is 20,000,000 to be shared into 5…. 4,000,000 each. Boys share will be 2 parts so 8, 000,000. You need to give 4,000,000 to each sister.

Regarding the loans given to the
husband: because the money belongs to the daughters, they have to agree to offset the husbands loans via this money, if they dont agree, then they need to be given their right.

Regarding the expenses made for the daughters: if the expenses are clearly documented and it was an expense which they had agreed upon, then it can be deducted from their amount

Sukaina Taqawi.