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Committing Major sin in the hope of repenting over it later.


if someone did major sin many timeswith the intend of later repenting but then she realizes his/ her mistake and regret her/ his this intention will there is forgiveness for such person becoz he/ she preplanned of asking forgiveness i hear shia alim says that such sins have no forgiveness if someone realize his/ her mistake and is regretting will still therw is no forgiveness plz tell me


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your question.

There is not sin that Allah (az) will not forgive if the sinner repents sincerely and never goes back to it. you may want to refer to the following links on repentance:


What Quran and Hadis says about a person who is sinner who seek for forgiveness and mercy from Allah

before i end i’d like to mention that one should never sin in the hope to repent later. It’s like saying let me make a lot of loss in the hope of someday making a profit.

Hope this helps