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Sinning during the days of reciting Ziyarat e ashura for fulfillment of a hajat


Salam, I have been reciting ziyarat e ashura to fulfill particular hajaats but I masturbated three times, in between the days I was reciting. Since I sinned during these days, will my ziyarat not be accepted?


Wa alaykum Salam

Thank you for your question.

We as Allah’s creatures are not in a position to be able to determine whose A’amal will be accepted and whose will not. It is only Allah who knows where a person stands.

But He himself has mentioned in the Quran that only the a’amal of the pious people are accepted, those who try to stay away from gunah.

One of the reasons that our duas are not accepted is because of our sins.  Sins   are obstacles which prevent man from attaining  real happiness and felicity .

But because it is in a man’s nature to make mistakes, Allah has kept the door of tawba open. By not repeating the mistake and doing tawba a person can remove the obstacles that are on his way to reach felicity.

On a side note, Masturbation is a major sin and haram.
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May Allah forgive  all our sins.

AAA team under the guidance of Sukaina Taqavi