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Divorce (URDU)


Aoa. Mei ne 2 sal pahly court k through khulla liya tha or phir union council k through divorce certificate b issue kra liya jis p mere husband ne signature kr diye thy. Lekin hmari baqaida seeghy parh k divorce nhi hui. To Kya meri divorce valid hai. Mei 2nd marriage kr skti hun


Waalaykum Salam,

To obtain an answer to your Question, I phone the office of Sayyid Sistani and they said that:

For a talaq to be correct has to have the following conditions:

1- You have to have two believing adults as your witness
2- The woman has to be clean of her menstrual period and also shouldn’t be pregnant
3- Proper Arabic words need to be uttered for the act to take place.

In your case, since the ‘Sighah’ of talaq was not recited, your marriage is still at place.

Best wishes