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Should we do amaal on tasbeeh or onthe hand?



Should we do amaal on tasbeeh or onthe hand?

Which has more sawab?

I have heard in a majalis that due to the zikr B,ibi Fatima was doing on a tasbeeh, she made Allah designated her tasbeeh of zahra  whats the validity of this .



Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thanks for your question

If that tasbeeh is made from turbah(dust) of Imam Hussaions a.s grave, then it is better to to do tasbeehat and zikr by the tasbeeh, according to ahadith and narrations even holding tasbeeh that is made from turrbah of imam Hussain a.s has lots of Thawabs, but if the Tasbeeh is a normal one and not made from Turbah of Imam Hussain a.s then doing tasbeehat by Hand is better because according to a Hadith from Imam Sadiq a.s in the day of judgment finger and fingertips will be questioned (about doing tasbeeh with them or not)



Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi