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What should be done if I have missed (qaza) afternoon prayers and now magrib is ending which one should be offered first?.


I have a doubt regarding namaz .today i missed my asar prayer by fallingasleep ,I got up at magrib time can I pray asar 4 rakat Faraz and start magrib prayer..orelse do magrib namaz and offer my khaza…today my mom asked about this I couldn’t give answer to her she is saying that we should do our khaza first and then start magrib…but what I thought is that if I do khaza i may Miss magrib becoz magrib time finishes very soon…plzz reply soon sir


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

Kindly refer to the link below

The daily obligatory prayer

In your case Maghrib should be said before the Qadha Namaz

Kind regards,

Naajiya Jaffery