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Should I think that its by Allah that I went back for such Realationship? Or Should I stay away from it?


Assalam o Alaikum

I was 16 when I met  a guy on facebook and I was innocent at that time. I didnt know about alot of stuff and also didnt know about haram things. However, I searched online and I got to know that some of the things he is asking me to do are haram and Allah does not like them so I stopped talking with him completely and asked Allah for forgiveness. After one year I went back just with the thought of saying sorry because my heart was heavy. He said he has changed and does not want me to leave. However,  I think he is still same. What should I do? Should I think that its by Allah that I went back? Or Should I stay away from it?


Al-Salam Alaykum

such relation is not healthy and most of the time it is Haram. Meeting guys online seeking relation with girls, most of the time is not based on honesty and it is only for the lust.  going back to say sorry was a mistake. cut off the relation and if you are looking for marriage try it from the healthier and more trustable ways.

Best regards!

Sayyid Madani