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Should I pay Zakat on money that i have inherited?


Aoa, I am a 20 y/o Muslim female. I am a student and do not earn. My father passed away 3 years ago and all of us siblings inherited his wealth. Now I have an amount greater than the nisab in my bank account untouched since an year. So technically I should be paying zakat. But I do not earn, so if I keep paying zakat on it I will eventually run out. Does it mean zakat is therefore not a compulsion on me? By the way, my brothers are my guardians now and provide for me. Please help, thank you.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

May Allah bless your father and give you patience over the loss.

So, any amount left behind after a years expenditure is matured for Khums.

Khums is a one time pay. That is, once you pay Khums on an amount you do not need to pay on it ever again. If the amount increases, say from 200-300, then the coming year you only need to pay on the extra 100.

Kindly refer to the link below to understand Khums completely:

Zakat is alms (tax) paid on 10 things only.
Kindly refer to the following to fully understand zakat

Question: What is the difference between Khums and Zakat?
Answer: Both are obligatory; Khums is on the surplus to annual expenses. If your income exceeds the annual expenses of yourself and your family, Khums (20%) should be paid from the excess. As for Zakat, it is payable on cattle, crops and silver, raisins and dates in accordance to the Islamic rulings.

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