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Should I oppose my parents and marry the person I committed Zina


I am 23 old girl I have committed zina and I have repented also my question is that my parents are now forcing me to marry he is good person but I am afraid that he will know about my zina at first night what should I do ? Do I have to stand against my parents discussion and marry the person with whom I have committed this sin because he wants to marry me and it’s  ready to send his proposal but parents are not agreeing

Please guide me I need help.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your question.

From your writing, any parent would think of marrying off their daughter to the man she committed the sin with. However, it looks like your parents find him inappropriate and aren’t ready to let you go off with him.

If you repent sincerely (one of the main condition is to never go back to the sin), Allah will definitely forgive you and you can probably start afresh. Either marrying the man you committed the sin with or the other one. (Regardless whoever, your repentance is very important).

Regarding your past life, you aren’t obliged to discuss it with your husband.

As for your question, I will suggest you speak to your parents and set out all the pros and cons of the issue and take it from there. Discuss all the possibilities and the down side of marrying the man or otherwise.

InshaAllah youre able to make the best decision.