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Should I follow my Marj’a on the issue of calendar


As Salam aleikoum. Thank you for everything. I hope you’re all fine. I want to ask a question on the issue of calendar.
My question is: Should I follow my Marj’a on the issue of calendar knowing that he has some representatives here in my country?
Thanks very much and may Allah bless you .


Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullah

May Allah reward you for your concern to abide by his blessed shari’ah.
Our marj’a specifies the criteria with which the first of the month is established, and specifically with regards to sighting the new moon, he also specifies the criteria as to what kind of a sighting is valid. For example an important difference in our time is that some of the maraaji’ allow the moon to be sighted with optical aid, while Ayatullah Sistani may Allah preserve him does not allow this.
With regards to our own responsibility we must receive confidence (itminaan) that the new month has been established per the criteria of our marja’. So if a local scholar, or if the representative of our marja’ tells us this and based upon what they say we have reached such confidence then that is sufficient.
Take care
Mahdi Kassamali