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Should I extend financial assistance to my daughter.


Asalaam Alaikum
My married daughter lives in the US with her husband. They want have kids but cannot afford to because they do not have money to pay for the delivery and regular check ups.
I own a business, my monthly profit is good.
My question is can I help my daughter financially by sharing my profit with her?

Jasakallah khair

Alaikum Salam

Gift giving is recommended (sunnah). It is superior to give gifts to one’s relatives than to non-relatives. Your daughter is a part of you and sharing your profits with her at the time of need is the most apt thing to do.
You can use subtle ways to give your monetary gifts to her to avoid embarrassing situations with her family even if you give it on a monthly basis.

Remind your daughter that being concerned about having children without finances is a wrong thing because Allah is the sole provider of children also.

We should always remember what Allah says in thw Holy Quran, :”Wa la taqtuloo awladakum, min imlaq, nahnu narzukukum wa ayyahum” (6:151), we will provide for them (your children) as well as for you. It is a divine promise.In the other verse, Allah says:”Wa la taqtuloo awladakum, khashiyata imlaq” (17:31), do not kill your children and your offspring out of fear of becoming poor.These are clear remindances of the encouragement given in Islam to have a family with a good number of children and in fact children are part of our sustenance.
Salma Alavi