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should guy given chance for marriage knowing he has changed


Aslaam Alaikum I have received wedding proposal. We have now found that the guy has a child which was without being married. The guy has said now he has changed and was misled by friends. He says that he has now changed completely and has become religious and amended his ways. Please advise if this person should be given a chance knowing that he says he has now changed and ammended his ways. Please advise futher advice from religious scholars of what should be done. Jazakallah khair


Waalaykum Salaam,

Marriage is a very holy knot. It needs to be tied with someone you can trust because he is going to be a father of your children and there is a whole progeny that follows suit.
This Is definitely a sensitive situation. You Most make very good and detailed research about the person before announcing your decision. You must look into his hang around places, friends, social media, work reputation, distant family members reviews on him, etc..
All this will help you disclose the truth. Everyone needs a chance, but only the right person deserves it.

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