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should be proud or stay humble on achievement


Respected brother! Allah Almighty has blessed me and I have become a doctor. I am so happy and I have worked so hard for it and Allah has blessed me, so I like to tell it to everyone and be proud about it and receive congratulations. Should I be humble and not tell anyone or there is no wrong in doing what I am doing? I dont want my Allah to be sad with me


Salaamun alaykum Dear Brother

Thank you for your question and congratulations for your achievement. There is no problem in being pleased after achieving something and letting people know about it. At the same time, it’s important to keep your achievements in perspective by first knowing that it is only by Allah’s grace that you have achieved anything in life and that while your achievement may seem great at the moment, it is but a milestone in the path of life. Real success is life is found in your connection with God, faith, peace, knowledge and meeting your Lord on good terms. If you find that the praise of people makes you arrogant, remind yourself of these factors and put things back into perspective. If you can feel your pride getting out of control stop spreading the news. Ask God to keep you safe from pride and if you find yourself acting arrogantly take a long hard look at yourself and try to rectify things.
May you always be successful