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Shortened/Full Prayers At These Places


Salam um alike

The soccer feild i go to is 34 KM each way far from where i live so basically 68 KM both ways do i pray as a traveller at the soccer place ?

2) if im going Shopping/Mall/ to the park and if the place is above 48 KM or 25 KM each way far from where i live do i shorten my Prayer at these places ?

Thank you


A/Salaam Brother.

In order to recite shortened form of prayers for salat ad-dhuhr, salat al-
asr and salat al-isha, there are  8 conditions that need to be fulfilled.
However, over here we will touch two conditions only. the other conditions
can be studied by yourself, which are provided in the link below:

1. A journey has to be approximately 44 km or 28 miles both ways.
2. The calculation of distance should begin from the end of one’s locality
(certain big cities) or by the last boundary of the city and not from your
place of residence.( ruling no. 1289 in the above link).

Hope the above suffices to answer your queries.