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Shirk thoughts especially when I am about to start Salaat…….


Dear Alim,

For almost a decade I have been having shirk thoughts especially when I am about to start Salaat. I have unconditionally developed a habit of re-doing my wudhu every time this shirk thought crosses my mind. The extent of my thoughts sometimes go along the lines that ‘something/someone other than Allah is God’. Though I know this is just a compulsive thought, the more I fear them, the more obsessed I become, and therefore continually keep having these thoughts. Sometimes, It becomes so powerful, I almost believe it and can’t escape from it. In such cases, as mentioned, I feel I have invalidated my wudhu end re-perform it. This issue has isolated me from being able to participate in congregational prayers.

Given that this is my case, please can you advise the following:

1 – If shirk thoughts cross my mind, does it break my wudhu or salaat

2 – I know these thoughts are wrong. But when these thoughts become really powerful to the extent ‘I succumb to them sometimes’ during salaat, does this invalidate my prayers?
E.g. If during salaat, I end up thinking …so and so is God…(other than Allah), does this break my salaat?

3 – I know these are thoughts and I should be trying hard to just ignoring them. Sometimes, I can’t differentiate between thoughts that are voluntary and those that are involuntary. For voluntary thoughts, I end up convincing myself that I actually willingly said it…therefore in such cases does my salaat become void?

I would appreciate your answers to all three questions.


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

Kindly refer to the links below for further read.

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As for your Questions:

1- No it doesn’t break your wudhoo. In fact in your case, you shouldn’t be paying attention to such thoughts. The solution will be to ignore and move on.

2- it looks like you and your brain are challenging one another. Let it not bother you. The fact that you are doing your salah is a good proof that you are a believer and believe in one God – Allah (swt)

3- so such voluntary thoughts at times are just crossing your mind because you want to try yourself. Just don’t pay attention. Just continue your Salah. You see, all this needs is a constant ignoring.
InshaAllah it Will go away. You have to be persistent!

My humble request would be that you read Aqaid properly. You should get a good teacher who will teach you using philosophical and mystics views later on. InshaAllah your Problem will be solved because your knowledge about Allah (swt) will Increase, and you will be mesmerized in His highness. This will leave no room for unwanted thought.

InshaAllah all Goes well.
Naajiya Jaffery