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Concept of shifat on the Day of Judgement, according to the ayah in the Holy Quran.


sir i am reading the translation and tafseer of quran then i went through the verse 48 and 255 of surah baqarah in which Allah is taking about the shifaat.In verse 48 Allah says that no intercession will be acceptable from anyone (means all non muslims and muslims who stand before Allah in hereafter),then in verse 255 Allah says that who is that that can intercede except by his permission.this means that no one will intercede before except with his permission.what i don’t understand is in verse 48 allah says intercession will not be accepted means allah listen their intercession but donot accept it but in 255 verse it says Allah won’t even listen the intercession from anyone..please please explain this to me..? plz.


Wa alaikum al-salam

The day of judgment has lots of stations and each of them are different than others (for examples in one them people can talk but in another part of it they will be silenced and their body parts will testify)

On the subject of shifaat there are different opinions between interpreters according to some, the interceding is the last resort for saving people after measurements and calculation of amaal hence it’s clear that only those who has great place can do interceding at that moments in that (so that is why aya 255), we also must pay attention to a fact that is in the day of judgment there are no lies so no one can intercede wrongly by lying to Allah. So it means Allah is not going to listen or respond to everyone who attempts to talk to him (refer surah Al-Imran verse 77, Al-Muminun verse 108) and that is the meaning of that no intercession will be acceptable from anyone.

Sheikh Mosseibi.