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Shia views on Prophet Muhammad and Hazrat Ali


Assalaamalaikum. I am sure you must be aware that there are many myths surrounding Shia Islam amongst Sunnis. The most prominent one is – Gibrael ( as) gave message of Nabuwat to the Holy Prophet ( SAW) by mistake and actually, Hazrat Ali deserved it . And that’s exactly what I want to know. Do you really, sincerely, truly believe that the Holy Prophet was given nabuwat by mistake? Do you really truly believe that only Hazrat Ali (as) and Hazrat Fatemah (as) are enough, and that you don’t need the Holy Prophet? And that Usul e Kafi says all this and also says that the Holy Quran is incomplete? Please don’t consider these questions offensive or derogatory. But whom can I ask these questions? It’s only through this medium that I can! And unless these questions are answered, I will continue to navigate in doldrums. And will never be able to understand Shia Islam. Please answer these questions at the earliest. Jazakallahu Khair.



Waalaykum Salaam

Thank you for your question. Shias categorically do NOT believe what is said about angel Jibrail making a mistake by giving the message of prophethood to the Holy Prophet (SAW) instead of Imam Ali (AS). These are, as you said, myths without any basis and have a number of theological problems. We cannot possibly accept that an angel makes a mistake in carrying out the orders of Allah (SWT). Nor can we accept that Allah (SWT) is unable to appoint whom He wills as His messenger. These are concepts which go against the Qur’anic teachings. The Shia believe the Holy Prophet (SAW) to be not only the last and the most noble of prophets, but best creation of Allah and the most perfect human being to have ever existed or who will ever exist. The status of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is unmatched. We also believe the Holy Qur’an to be complete, a miracle of Allah (SWT) as a proof of the Holy Prophet’s claim to prophethood. It is unaltered and is guaranteed to be protected by Allah (SWT).

Fi Amanillah,