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Shia View on shimr and ibne muljim


Salam Alaykum we often hear the nasibis saying that shimr and ibne muljim both were shia and shias killed hussain can u shed some light on this.


Alaykum Salaam

A the time of Imam Ai (A) the terms Shia and Sunni were not in general use. Even so, these men were not followers of Ahlul bayt (A),
Shimr was a mercenary who fought in one of the regiments of Imam Ali (A) in Siffin, but against Imam al-Husain (A) in Taff
Ibn Muljim was a Kharijite.
The argument that Shias killed Imam al-Husain is spurious; it is contrary to historical evidence and clearly a part of Umayyad propaganda.

Kind regards