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I’ve had sunni’s come up to me, telling me that Shias are wrong and keep insulting the imams and our beliefs. Since I am not that learned, I try to argue with them with as much as knowledge as I have, but I do not think that is enough.
I would like to ask you, if you help me answer the questions I am usually asked about our beliefs.

1) the Sunni told me that, in the Holy Quran, it is stated that, we should treat the prophet’s wife’s as our mothers. The question I get is ; “why do Shias say that Aisha has done adultery? Don’t you know what the holy Quran says?”

2) I have heard the narration of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w.s), whereby on his death bed, he asks for a pen and paper. But Abu bakr refuses to give and says that the fever has got into the holy prophets head. The Sunni asked; ” if the holy prophet (s.a.w.w.s) was illiterate, and he couldn’t read or write, then how would he write?”

3) there are narrations that Imam Ali(a.s) had 11 sons, of which 3 he named ; Umar, Abu Bakr & Usman. The Sunnis say”if Imam Ali (a.s) didn’t like Abu Bakr, then why would he name his sons after the people he hated?” Is it true?! Why would Imam Ali (a.s) name his sons after these 3 men?

4) another issue that Shias are blamed for is Mutah. Could you please explain what mutah is exactly, what are the rules, conditions and limitations?

I really, really need your help to reply to the People once I am questioned, please do help me as soon as possible
Jazakallah in advance.


1. Shias do not say such things about Hazrat Aisha. Yes, she was totally wrong in her stance against Ali (as) but that couldn’t be an excuse to accuse her with such major sins!

2. Well, prophet was not illiterate. However, if there are no evidences on his writings, one can still say that he had asked pen and paper for others to write on his behalf. As he did in the peace treaty of Hudaybiyah. 


4. Mutah is a temporary marriage. It has certain condition explained in the books of rulings. Most of the non Shias have taken it very wrongly. It is not an adultery rather it is based on certain rulings pretty same like permanent marriage. The philosophy of temporary marriage is to stay away from adultery. For more details about its rulings, plz do refer:

Kumail Rajani