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Can a shia girl marry a Sunni boy from Hanafi fiqha


Salam Alaikum
My daughter likes a boy who is from Hanafi fiqha and we are from Jafferi fiqha.
The boy is practicing Muslim,they love AhlebaitA.S but they don’t commerade Muharram rituals as we Shia doo.
My daughter and that boy were doing research regarding each other fiqha, the conclusion my daughter reached that as the husband is wali of a family she will raise her children on Hanafi fiqha.
There was arguments between us so I decided to ask an Alim whom I know, his answer was that a Shia girl cannot marry a Sunni boy because she has obey his husband and these way she will be away from Haq (right path)and this is not allowed
Also the Sheikh said many of our Ullema Marja have considered such marriage as Makrooh.
I explained to my daughter everything but she say while doing the research she found out that believing in Hanafi faith is no harm
How we say that our belief is right and their belief is wrong they also love Ahlebait and have Aqidha in12 Imams as we do, they are also waiting for 12th Imam.
They also go for Ziyarat of Imam Hussain and other Shrine.
She explained me all about the boys Character and his family, first the boys father was not giving permission to marry my daughter but after a month he finally agreed.
First I too was convinced when my daughter said about the boy but I didn’t give her consent regarding this.
I thought that is Allah Happy in such type of relationship let me ask Maulana and I got the above answer.
Now she say at least you meet the boy and his family and then decide and give you consent.
I am worried and confused that shd I meet the boys family or not.
I also told her that if Alim will not allow I will not give consent.
She said no Shia Alim will give permission to marry a Sunni boy. It’s my decision.
And many things are there, in writing it’s difficult for me to convey ecxact situation.
I hope you will understand my question. Jzk khair


Salaamun Alaykum mother,

May Allah bless all mothers for being so caring!
So the ruling is that a Shia boy or girl is allowed to marry a sunni BUT IF there is any fear of his/her beliefs being in danger, then the marriage is not permissible.

It would be nice if you can meet an aalim who can explain your daughter the difference between Shia ism and sunnism. She has to reach certainty that the religion she is believing is the truth. If she reaches that certainty, then she won’t give up her beliefs for anything else.

One of the main beliefs of shias is wilaayah of the Imams, loving them only is not enough; we should have the belief that they have been appointed by Allah and that they are masum and whatever they say and do is a proof for us. So we have to follow their footsteps every step of the way and take them as our rolemodel. And we have to believe that they have authority over us.
Just like whenthe Holy Prophet saw gathered every one in ghadire khum to tell them:
من كنت مولاه فهذا علي مولاه
For whoever I am his leader (mawla), Ali is his leader (mawla)

The ahl sunnah believe that mawla here means friend. But it does not make sense that the Holy Prophet would gather so many people just to tell them that Ali (as) is your friend.

InshaAllah with your duas and a good detailed explanation from a good learned aalim will help her take the best choice. May Allah help us through all His tests. Aameen.

Zahra Davdani