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Shia salat in detail.


Im a sunni muslim and i was convinced that the proper followers in islam are the shias by seeing few videos in youtube from ahlulbayt tv by some imams and that they are following the true teachings(sunnah) of the prophet pbuh and hazrat Ali; his true successor. Is there differences in the structure and chants in prayer in shia islam differing from sunni salat? If so please provide me a link so that i can learn the original prayer from your sources.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question. 
Kindly refer to the link below for an sneer to your Question.

english tozih 2019
Prayer is the best act of worship; if it is accepted by the Lord of the worlds, then all other ritual acts of worship (ʿibādāt) are accepted; and if it is not accepted, then all other acts of worship are not accepted.
Naajiya Jaffery