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Shariah rights of the wife


I would like to ask that:

Is a wife allowed to DEMAND a separate house from her husband?
(meaning that she does not want to live in a joint family)? Does she have the shariah right to do so?




As far as the Shariah is concerned, a wife has to live according to the capability of maintenance that her husband can afford.
You can request him to live separately for yourselves without demanding, and also knowing that his parents can take care of themselves physically. If they can’t, then do your best to bear the situation.
If there are other members of the extended family also living together, then its better in Islam to live in separate houses because of Na mahram and covering oneself at home which becomes difficult to practice.
A marriage contract is sacred infront of Allah so one would need to be very patient not to spoil it regarding matters that can be solved between the spouses and family members.
If it has gone beyond that, you may try to convince him politely or even take help from an elderly freind, or help him out financially to settle in a separate house.
If the matter is discussed calmly, it is most likely that he will come to his sences with struggle and patience on your part. Remember, if things are dealt with in the Islamic manner, Allah will help you solve all your problems inshAllah.

Salma Alavi.