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Share in Inheritance


Going bk 60 yes or more my Father had half share of a property in India . Both parents had passed away he had a cousin brother from his fathers side who was much older then him and who he looked after as a child for. Few years hence my father he looked up to as a father figure . Due to family disputes my fathers cousin brother told my father to give his share of the property To end the problem So my father did . My fathers cousin brother told him “as I’ve made you give your share away I am giving you half share of my property.”There was nothing in writing . 60 years on the grandsons of my fathers cousin brothers who are the only other heirs want to sell . What I wanted to know is does my father get half of that share when they sell. As my father had refused to have it put in writing bk then .


Wa alaykum salam

For your father to get his share ; there has to be something in writing or witnesses who can give witness on your father’s behalf.

Sukaina Taqawi.