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Sexting your Wife Halal or Haram?


Salaam Is it permissible to Sext your wife after you are nikkahfied? If my wife is in Pakistan for example and she is in the middle of her process, is it permissible to talk about sexual things with your wife or for her to share images of herself to me of her awrah? (Body) non-nude or even nude? I heard like especially in Pakistani Culture it is taboo to have sex or sext (talk about sex with your wife and share photos to each other that are sexy. before your rukhsati. Regardless of that what is the ruling from Ayatullah Khaminai regarding this matter of Sexting before rukhsati? Or even sexting at all? Thank you


Waalaykum salam

Thank you for your Question
It is perfectly ok to have a lustful conversation with your wife as you are Mahram.
It may be a taboo in some cultures to do certain things but as long as the couple itself is comfortable then there should be no issues.
Although it may be wise to ponder on sending and or receiving images and the like, God knows how safe the internet is?!?
Kind regards