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Ramadan and Sex


1. Can wife taking into mouth husband’s genital during Ramadan? (Wife not observing fast because of pregnancy)

2. If a person does sexual act with his wife during Ramadan, but does not ejaculate himself. Whether his Roza break /end? (Wife not observing fast due to pregnancy)

3. Wat will be Kaffara if a person does sexual act with his wife ?

4. Whether the Kaffara of feedin 60 people is to be made at once? (All 60 masaakeen to be fed simultaneously or can it be done in episodes?

5. Whether the Kaffara of feeding 60 people can be performed by paying money to an NGO or Charity Organization offering free food to poor?

6. Whether vomiting breaks/ends Roza?


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Things that invalidate the fast

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