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Sex Chat by wife with other guys on Facebook



I am in serious trouble and so much hurt about this situation. I really need to know what should be my step according to islam. My wife, she had fake facebook account and she used to call, do sex message and do video chat with other guys and used to watch nude photos and dirty talks. It has been happening from past 6 months and i found last week so i broke her mobile phone. We have 2 daughters and its been 5 years since our marriage. It started from july this year. I am confused here if this is counted under zina or what should i do. I am not able to forget those messages but she says she never met with any of those men and it was just over facebook and has been asking for forgiveness and promises to never do that again. Please guide me 🙁


Waalaykum Salam  brother.

To get an answer to your concern I phoned the office of Sayyid Sistani andthey said that: it isn’t counted under zina. It’s a Gunah I.e. a sin. Since she is asking for forgiveness,  it only sounds fair if you gave her a chance. Part of Her repentance would be not to use such social sites where she could fall in the trap again.

Also, I would suggest you both see a counsellor  or a Local Aalim for further patch-up, these will put a stop to your worried thoughts and help her revert InshAllah.

You and your family are in my duas.