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Serious doubts and bad thoughts about Islam


I keep having terrible thoughts and doubts like why do I have to to pray? Why do we pray to ALLAH(subhan watalah) and why do I have to ask for forgiveness? I’m ashamed to say I actually considered these horrible thoughts and now i feel like I’m going to hell. I can’t get these thoughts out of my head and I don’t feel sincere when I try to pray or make Du’a. These questions just pop in. It’s ruining me. I’m always stressed about this. Can you answer these stupid questions? What should I do?


Assalamu Alaykum

Sorry to hear about your situation.
im not sure what thoughts you mean but I’ll post a few entries to help.

Please remember, That whatever the bad thought is, there is always a solution and that you are much stronger than that.

1- Please recite in plenty “la hawla wala quwata illa Billah al-Aliyil Adhim”

2- Give charity and ask Allah for help

3- If you are thinking wrong of a good thing then the best way to rectify this will be to educate yourself on it and you will be able to help yourself get control over your thoughts InshaAllah.

4) Also, from a birds view, your main issue as seen is weakness in Aqaid. Meaning you must work on the roots of your religions. You must fully understand the concept of Allah and should opt for either reading books or better to attend classes (many online options too). These will answer all your doubts and fundamental questions. Once these are resolved, you will feel yourself at peace with following branches of religion

I hope all goes well, seek help. Sometimes it’s just a small talk and things can really change for you.

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Kind regards