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How to send sawab to relatives buried distantly


Assalam aleikum. I am now living in UK for some years and settled here. My mother, wife and children live with me.However, my father and grandparents are buried distantly in Pakistan. Sadly, I cannot visit there regularly and don’t have any close relatives there. What to do please to send sawab to these deceased loved ones when it’s not possible to be present there near them? I am quite worried about this. I say prayers here and occasionally donate some charity in the names of these elders but I am not sure what is the proper way. I’d be grateful for advice, Jazakallah kher.


A shia can recite any dua or sura of the Holy Quran for their deceased. Sura Hamd is the most recommended chapter to be recited based on traditions of the Holy Prophet and His pure progeny. This does not mean that other recitations apart from that should be missed out. Those who are no more alive need as much as possible to make their path easier in the intermediary world. Therefore, if you have a good intention and a proper state of heart, you can please your deceased ones by granting them as much gifts as possible in the form of either dua, salawats or recitation of the Holy Quran, not to mention sadqa and two sets of prayer for their reward. Great scholars suggest that the best way to go about this is to grant all your worship first to the Imam of our time, who will in turn give this gift to your deceased in the best and most complete form, such that they enjoy the highest reward on account.

With thanks and regards,
Salma Alavi.