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I masturbated and then i didn’t bath for a day..


I masturbated and then i didn’t bath for a day.. in that day i had to go to a market so i changed my pant and underwear… Which i changed again after getting back to my home
Now i did bath and after bathing i had to go to an event again in which i changed my pants again and that pant was the same as i wore when i went to market before and changed it again after comming home
Did that made me napaak again and i have to bath again to pray Salaah or is it okay because i wore that for a short time?


Alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question. After performing ghusl there is no need to redo it if semen touches the body and it is wet enough for the najasat to transfer. If the body becomes najis you must purify it and if you want to pray in the same clothes that have become najis with semen you must also purify them.

May you always be successful.