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Glassware for Alcohol. Bone China


Salaam Alaikum

A further query I have is that my family is in the household industry and we have been selling cutlery and crockery, including glassware used to serve alcohol. We have also been selling bone china and are not always aware of the bone used in making this ware. It could be any bone, including the bone of a pig. I would therefore like clarity on whether it is in order to sell glasses meant for alcohol and chinaware made of an animal bone we consider haram.

Your immediate reply would be very much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

Yours in Islam,


As per Ayatullah Sistani’s office:

1. Glassware: It’s not haram.

2. Bone china: It’s not haram to sell unless you are sure that it is from pigs.

Kumail Rajani